Recruits complete CPAT test
By Captain Mark Thomas
October 28, 2022

Every career firefighter during their recruit academy, has to pass what is known as the CPAT (Candidate Physical Agility Test). The test consists of the following, and must be completed in less than 10 minutes 20 seconds without any critical failures:
Candidate wears a 50 lb weighted vest for the entire course. An additional 25 lbs is added for the first station of 3 minutes, 20 seconds on a stairmill. The 25 lbs. is removed after completion of the stairmill. The candidate now moves to a hose drag station, followed by a saw carry, ladder lift, ladder hoist and lower, forced entry, blacked out tunnel, a 175lb dummy drag and finishes with a pike pole station with a weighted lift and pull.
Today, the recruits from the current Monroe County class, competed in their CPAT. Congratulations to all of the recruits. Everyone passed. Here are some pictures of the current Irondequoit recruits completing their respective stations.